Submit a Claim - Claim Instructions

To be eligible to receive money from the Net Settlement Fund in connection with the Settlement of this Action, you must complete and sign a Proof of Claim and Release Form (“Claim Form”), with supporting documentation, postmarked if mailed (or if submitted online, received by the Claims Administrator) by no later than midnight Pacific Time on February 16, 2023. Failure to submit your Claim Form by the deadline will subject your claim to rejection and may preclude you from being eligible to receive a payment from the Settlement. Please review the detailed instructions and checklist below starting your Claim Form.

Do not mail or deliver your Claim Form to the Court, Lead Counsel, Defendants’ Counsel, or any of the Parties to the Action. Submit your Claim Form only to the Claims Administrator (Epiq Class Action & Claims Solutions) at the address set forth below or online via this website.

You may submit the Claim Form:

  1. By First-Class Mail to the following address:

    Geron Securities Litigation
    c/o Epiq Class Action & Claims Solutions
    P.O. Box 4574
    Portland, OR 97208-4574


  2. By using the online claim filing option here.

Please Note: If you are a bank, broker, or other third-party nominee filing on behalf of your clients, please file your claim on the Nominees page and not through this page.

Instructions and Checklist

Submission of the Claim Form does not guarantee that you will be eligible to receive a payment from the Settlement. The distribution of the Net Settlement Fund will be governed by the Plan of Allocation set forth in the Settlement Notice, if it is approved by the Court, or by such other plan of allocation as the Court approves.

Use the Schedule of Transactions to supply all required details of your transaction(s) in, and holdings of, common stock of Geron Corporation (“Geron”). On this schedule, provide all of the requested information with respect to your holdings, purchases, and sales of Geron common stock (including free transfers and deliveries), whether such transactions resulted in a profit or a loss. Failure to report all transaction and holding information during the requested time period may result in the rejection of your claim.

Please Note: Only publicly traded Geron common stock purchased during the Class Period (i.e., from March 19, 2018, through September 26, 2018, inclusive) is eligible to receive a payment under the Settlement. However, sales of Geron common stock during the period from September 27, 2018, through and including the close of trading on December 24, 2018, will be used for purposes of calculating your claim under the Plan of Allocation. Therefore, in order for the Claims Administrator to be able to balance your claim, the requested purchase and sale information during this period must also be provided.

You are required to submit genuine and sufficient documentation for all of your transactions in and holdings of Geron common stock as set forth in the Schedule of Transactions on page 2 and 3 of the Claim Form. Documentation may consist of copies of brokerage confirmation slips or monthly brokerage account statements, or an authorized statement from your broker containing the transactional and holding information found in a broker confirmation slip or account statement. The Parties and the Claims Administrator do not independently have information about your investments in Geron common stock. IF SUCH DOCUMENTS ARE NOT IN YOUR POSSESSION, PLEASE OBTAIN COPIES OF THE DOCUMENTS OR EQUIVALENT DOCUMENTS FROM YOUR BROKER. FAILURE TO SUPPLY THIS DOCUMENTATION MAY RESULT IN THE REJECTION OF YOUR CLAIM. DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS. Please keep a copy of all documents that you send to the Claims Administrator. Also, do not highlight any portion of the Claim Form or any supporting documents.

Use the section of the Claim Form entitled “CLAIMANT INFORMATION” to identify the beneficial owner(s) of the Geron common stock. The complete name(s) of the beneficial owner(s) must be entered. If there were joint beneficial owners, each must sign the Claim Form and their names must appear as “Claimants” in the Claim Form.

If you purchased Geron common stock in more than one account, a Claim should be submitted for each account. Separate Claim Forms should be submitted for each account or separate legal entity (e.g., an individual should not combine his or her IRA holdings and transactions with holdings and transactions made solely in the individual’s name). Generally, a single Claim Form should be submitted on behalf of one legal entity including all holdings and transactions made by that entity on one Claim Form. However, if a single person or legal entity had multiple accounts that were separately managed, separate Claims may be submitted for each such account. The Claims Administrator reserves the right to request information on all the holdings and transactions in Geron common stock made on behalf of a single beneficial owner.

Agents, executors, administrators, guardians, and trustees must complete and sign the Claim Form on behalf of persons represented by them, and they must:

  1. expressly state the capacity in which they are acting;
  2. identify the name, account number, last four digits of the Social Security Number (or taxpayer identification number), address, and telephone number of the beneficial owner of (or other person or entity on whose behalf they are acting with respect to) the Geron common stock; and
  3. furnish herewith evidence of their authority to bind to the Claim Form the person or entity on whose behalf they are acting. (Authority to complete and sign a Claim Form cannot be established by stockbrokers demonstrating only that they have discretionary authority to trade securities in another person’s accounts.)

By submitting a signed Claim Form, you will be swearing that you:

  1. owned the Geron common stock you have listed in the Claim Form; or
  2. are expressly authorized to act on behalf of the owner thereof.

By submitting a signed Claim Form, you will be swearing to the truth of the statements contained therein and the genuineness of the documents attached thereto, subject to penalties of perjury under the laws of the United States of America. The making of false statements, or the submission of forged or fraudulent documentation, will result in the rejection of your claim and may subject you to civil liability or criminal prosecution.

If the Court approves the Settlement, payments to eligible Authorized Claimants pursuant to the Plan of Allocation (or such other plan of allocation as the Court approves) will be made after any appeals are resolved, and after the completion of all claims processing. The claims process will take substantial time to complete fully and fairly. Please be patient.

PLEASE NOTE: As set forth in the Plan of Allocation, each Authorized Claimant shall receive his, her, or its pro rata share of the Net Settlement Fund. If the prorated payment to any Authorized Claimant calculates to less than $10.00, it will not be included in the calculation and no distribution will be made to that Authorized Claimant.

12. If you have questions concerning the Claim Form, or need additional copies of the Claim Form or the Settlement Notice, you can visit the Important Documents page, where copies of the Claim Form and Settlement Notice are available for downloading, or you may contact the Claims Administrator, Epiq, at the above address, by email at, or by toll-free phone at 1-844-754-5537, .

13. NOTICE REGARDING ELECTRONIC FILES: Certain claimants with large numbers of transactions may request, or may be requested, to submit information regarding their transactions in electronic files. To obtain the mandatory electronic filing requirements and file layout, you may visit the Nominees page or you may email the Claims Administrator’s electronic filing department at Any file not in accordance with the required electronic filing format will be subject to rejection. The complete name of the beneficial owner of the securities must be entered where called for (see above for more information). No electronic files will be considered to have been submitted unless the Claims Administrator issues an email to that effect. Do not assume that your file has been received until you receive this email. If you do not receive such an email within 10 days of your submission, you should contact the electronic filing department at to inquire about your file and confirm it was received.


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