If you are a broker or other nominee who purchased Geron common stock during the period from March 19, 2018, to September 26, 2018, inclusive, for the beneficial interest of a person or entity other than yourself, the Court has directed that NO LATER THAN JUNE 8, 2022 YOU MUST EITHER:

  1. Provide to the Notice Administrator the name and last known address of each person or entity for whom or which you purchased Geron common stock (preferably in electronic format [e.g., Excel, csv]), or
  2. Request additional copies of the Notice from the Notice Administrator, which will be provided to you free of charge, and WITHIN SEVEN (7) CALENDAR DAYS of receipt of the copies, mail the Notice directly to all the beneficial owners of those securities.

If you are providing a list of names and addresses to the Notice Administrator:

  1. Compile a list of names, addresses and email addresses (if available) of the beneficial owners who purchased shares of the Geron common stock during the Class Period.
  2. Prepare the list in Microsoft Excel format. A preformatted spreadsheet can be found by clicking here.
  3. Then you must do one of the following:

    1. Burn the Microsoft Excel file(s) to a CD or DVD and mail the CD or DVD to:

      Geron Securities Litigation
      c/o Epiq Class Action & Claims Solutions
      P.O. Box 4574
      Portland, OR 97208-4574

    2. Email the spreadsheet to; or
    3. Upload the spreadsheet here.

If you are mailing the Notice Packet to beneficial owners:

If you elect to mail the Notice to beneficial owners yourself, additional copies of the Notice may be requested via email to no later than June 8, 2022. If you are providing the Notice to beneficial owners, the mailing must be completed within ten (10) calendar days of your receipt of the Notice from the Notice Administrator. You must provide email addresses to the Notice Administrator (to the extent they are available). You must also send a statement to the Notice Administrator confirming that the mailing was made as directed and keep a record of the names and mailing addresses used.

Failure to timely forward the Notice to beneficial owners who are Class Members will affect their legal rights.

If you have any questions, contact the Notice Administrator at or by calling 1-844-754-5537 1-844-754-5537.